The Interview

Nailing the Interview

The interview: One of the more harrowing experiences in life can also present a unique opportunity to Interview Photoimpress and assess an organization.

The interview is a conversation, albeit lop-sided, and you should reserve the
right to make an educated decision based upon it.

This is your life, after all.

While in most cases, the question of your acceptance of a job offer may be a foregone conclusion, try not to give up that piece of “turf” until you’ve had an opportunity to evaluate the organization, the position and the workplace. Expert Opinion: Intelligent questions, clear and certain answers and professional objectivity result in the projection of confidence. Too many interviewees make the mistake of appearing desperate. Remember, it’s human nature to want that which is a little harder to get. Careful though… If this is the job for you, then by interview’s end, the interviewer should be assured that you both want and are the best candidate for the position.

Here are some tips:

1) Arrive properly dressed and on time. If you are interviewing for a job as a plumber’s assistant a suit may not be appropriate, while for an office position it is. Do not make the mistake of arriving very early for an appointment. The interviewer may not appreciate feeling “rushed” to see you.

2) Be a detective. Research the company and the position for which you are applying. Know the name and title of the interviewer.

3) Control your body language. Sit up straight and maintain eye contact. This signals interest, intelligence and trust worthiness. Speak clearly and precisely. This signals confidence and command.

4) Look. Are there pictures, certificates or art on the wall? Are there personalized accessories on the desk? A common interest is often a perfect ice-breaker.

5) Listen. Every interviewer is different. Each has a personal style. You may have practiced for a “twenty questions-style” interview, and this may be more conversational. Adjust. Follow the interviewer’s lead, but find your way back to the core strengths of your presentation.

6) Be a salesperson. How do the accomplishments of your career correspond to the needs of the company? Be prepared to speak with passion. Be clear about the facts. Be concise, but prepared to elaborate. (And always be honest.)