Wage Information

Knowing the prevailing wage for a specific job description within a particular geography requires a small investment of time, wage info chartbut its reward in terms of negotiating power and career control cannot be overstated.

wage info chartSalaries often vary widely from small town to big city, as well as from region to region. However within the same vicinity, one can typically assume a general parity of salaries for similar responsibilities. Therefore, your knowledge of such information will allow you to make a properly considered evaluation of any salary offer.

Important note:

Unreasonable expectations of a starting salary have derailed many a career at the outset. Be aware that industry averages are reflective of ALL salaries paid for a particular job description, regardless of length of service, experience and abilities. Those incomes are added and divided by the number surveyed to create a mean salary. Expectation of a starting wage more appropriately awarded to those with more experience is a mistake too often made by entry-level applicants.

Familiarity with an industry’s Labor Market Information (LMI), especially as it regards salary, is useful in ensuring that you are on track to earn a wage that’s (at least) commensurate with the regional average.

Two excellent web sites
for access of local LMI are:


Minimum Wage

The New York State minimum wage is $7.15 per hour as of January 1, 2007. Any increase in the federal wage above the state rate will result in an increase in the state’s minimum wage.

National Comparisons

For insight and comparison within a wide variety of industries, visit: www.careervoyages.com