Temporary Services

Temp Services

Are you the type that likes new challenges and varied work environments? Are you more interested in testing the waters than diving head-first into a new career? If so, then temping may be right for you.

An increasing number of companies are targeting short-term infusions of highly skilled labor into their workforce as a strategy to maintain their competitive edge. And it’s the expanding pool of temporary employees that is making this possible. As many as 4 million people in the national workforce can be categorized as “temps,” and despite the ups and downs of the economy, this number continues to rise.

For the temp employee, the benefits can be many. These include flexible hours, changing duties in assorted work places, an opportunity to experiment with a vocation without long-term commitment, networking opportunities, acrued vacation and holiday pay, and increasingly, the potential of permanent employment. (Be sure to discuss the ramifications of this last option with the temp staffing service.)

Of course, there is a downside to temp employment. Just as the name suggests, temporary workers are exactly that and will often be the first to be “let go” when a company downsizes. However, as in all things, a rock-solid work ethic and a professional approach to the job will not go unnoticed. As the saying goes, when one door closes another often opens.

Remember, you’re an employee of the temp staffing service.They’ve developed a relationship of trust with the employer, who is paying the agency to “screen” candidates for their competency and employability. Your professionalism (or lack thereof) reflects directly on the temp staffing service. If you have a problem in the work place, contact the service.It is in their best interest to keep both you and the employer happy.

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