Home & Commercial Properties

Whether you are opening a new business or expanding your current operations, finding the right location is critical to success.

The Economic Development Agencies and Chambers of Commerce are excellent first contacts. They will have a comprehensive list of available commercial properties, and perhaps more importantly, they can provide insight into those parcels’ histories, Main Street photozoning regulations, transportation access, and plans for the surrounding infrastructure.

Among the options you may consider is location within an industrial park. There are several in the four counties, offering affordable and expandable space, as well as easy access to transportation and connection to utilities.

In addition, New York State has designated each of the counties for establishment of Empire Zones. These are selected areas that offer special incentives to encourage economic and community development, business investment and job creation. Certified businesses located within an Empire Zone are eligible to receive significant tax credits and benefits.

Contact the county’s Economic Development Agency for more information or call the New York State Empire Zones Program at 1 (800) STATE-NY or 1 (800) 782-8369.

Once you’ve determined a location for your business, it is likely that you’ll be looking for housing for your family and / or your employees.

Many people, especially those from downstate, are surprised at the affordability of housing in the area. They are equally impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of our many licensed realtors.

The search for home or commercial properties is rarely a pleasant undertaking, but in these four counties, that experience is often an introduction to our quality of life – an unhurried, honest, and enjoyable experience.

It’s no wonder you decided to move here!