A World of Opportunity

A World of Opportunity

To say that Rob Robinson is passionate about the opportunities to be found in Otsego County and the region would be understatement.

As President & CEO of The Otsego County Chamber, Rob Robinson PhotoRobinson has long been a vocal advocate for the rediscovery of local business by those just entering the job market as well as those former residents whose search for a better quality of life has brought them back home.

Several Chamber committees have tasked themselves with this job, but none more so than the Education Committee. According to Robinson, “One of the things the business community really has to work with – the education community – is to better explain what opportunities there are in the region.” He continues, “You don’t have to go to New York City, or Boston, or the Sunbelt to find a good opportunity. There are lots of great opportunities in Otsego County.”

Robinson lists New York Central Mutual where he says “you can start at a good salary, with a good opportunity for advancement,” Mead-Westvaco for manufacturing work and Medical Coaches – “a company built on the team approach.”

But, it’s not just the established businesses that make Otsego County and the region so attractive; it’s the unique package of opportunities the area offers the entrepreneur.

Robinson cites the “great cost of living, a great community to live in, and a high quality of life… Now, with the advances that have been happening in technology and wireless communications throughout this region, you can do anything you want to do… [if you] have a dream, and a little bit of fire in your belly to make it happen.”

According to Robinson, recent, major advances in communications and county-wide broadband service will soon allow an entrepreneur to operate from an idyllic locale – for instance “the back roads off of Westford, and be able to communicate instantaneously with New York City, Chicago, Tokyo – where ever you need to be.”

As further argument of his point, he contrasts the quality of life in rural upstate New York with that in a large city, with its high cost of living, difficult commutes, noise, tension and safety issues. Life in our area is synonymous with small town Americana, offering a friendly environment that allows you to spend your time on “creativity” – the life-blood of a successful business.

With support of friends, community, professionals in economic development, and the educational infrastructure (including Hartwick College and the State Universities), the nexus is there to “get things done.” Of course, sometimes getting “things done” requires time spent in the city. Citing the area’s proximity to major metropolitan areas, Robinson notes that “with Albany an hour and fifteen minutes away and Binghamton an hour away – both with good airports – it’s ALL within reach.”

“If you’re really looking for an ideal place to grow an idea,” says Robinson, “you can’t find a better place.”

For more information on the wide range of opportunities available for the local graduate interested in entry level employment, to the entrepreneur or small business person excited at the prospect of growing a company in a welcoming environment, or to the former resident anxious to return to our incomparable quality of life, please call The Otsego County Chamber at (607) 432-4500. You are invited to visit them at 12 Carbon Street in Oneonta or on the web – www.otsegocountychamber.com