Learn to Earn

Education & Training

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

There’s truth in that old adage, and its testimony to the power of networking should be taken seriously.

But, however true the value of personal recommendation, continued career success is ultimately a matter of education. How well do you know your job? How capable are you? Have you learned enough to take the next step toward greater responsibilities? Can you be an informed decision maker? Are you acquainted with business precedents or will you repeat the mistakes of others? Will your grasp of the “big picture” allow you to exercise your own brand of creative problem solving?

Few people begin their careers with all of the answers. Truth be told, many don’t even know the questions until they’ve invested time in the job. A good number of local companies understand this and provide on-going training for their employees. Many companies will also reimburse their employees for their continuing pursuit of education.

If you aspire to a position of greater responsibility and income, you must be prepared to continue the process of education and training throughout your career. For those with successful careers, learning is truly a lifelong experience.

Our area offers a wide rage of options for continuing education. For those wishing to pursue degree programs or special interest classes, half-a-dozen colleges are conveniently located throughout the four counties. There are also training centers that specifically focus on the upgrade of marketable office skills (e.g.: MicroSoft Certifications).

Those requiring basic or remedial education will find that Adult Education is offered at times and locations to fit most schedules.
Getting a job is an important first step in your career path, but the next steps require a commitment to learning – whether on the job or in an educational setting.

That old maxim notwithstanding, ultimately it IS what you know, and the more you know the more you’ll grow – both personally and professionally.